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Diana Orgain

Brewing up Murder E-BOOK (Book 3 in the iWitch Mystery Series)

Brewing up Murder E-BOOK (Book 3 in the iWitch Mystery Series)

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The third novel in the hilarious iWitch Mystery Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Diana Orgain

Save 40% off the online retail price of this bestselling mystery.

A witch, a murder and a wait...two men, three witches and a cat?

Join in the fun romp as Maeve and Chuck continue their adventure!

Murder is on the menu for fledgling witch, Maeve O’Dare, when she takes a road trip home to Hollywood with her magical dog, Wanda, and attends a party for a celebrity chef.

Female dog Wanda, aka former actor Chuck Lowry, is under a curse by a very dangerous black magic witch. While in Hollywood at a party, the spell is reversed until the full moon, three days away, and he becomes a man again. Like a dog with a bone, he intends to tell Maeve the truth—that she’s the only one with the power to permanently lift the curse. Before he can, however, he’ll have to figure a way of jail!

Teaming up with her witchy mother, Maeve investigates the starlet’s death while also searching for her “missing” dog. Suspects abound, but can a little magick help her trap the real killer?

Chuck is in countdown mode until the moon rises. Will Chuck beat the rising moon and finally break the spell that turns him into an enchanted female dog? Or will black magick strike again?

Don’t miss this next exciting installment in the iWitch Mystery.

"Heart warming and so much fun!"
-Chrystal C, iBooks Customer
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