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Diana Orgain

Killer Cravings - Maternal Instincts Mystery Series AudioBook 6

Killer Cravings - Maternal Instincts Mystery Series AudioBook 6

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Bringing up baby--Bringing down a killer
An over-the-top, good-time cozy mystery!

While staking out a cheating husband, Kate can't help but to indulge the cravings from her newest pregnancy. Little does she know the owner of the bakery has her eyes on Jim, Kate's beloved husband. Things turn deadly as Kate's cravings take over. It's up to Kate to keep her Family Life on track while solving another deadly whodunit!

"If you were expecting warm and cute you'll be mistaken. Fast-paced and fun, this book gives a true feel of the modern mom, trying to juggle motherhood and career (when that career happens to be solving crimes)." --Rhys Bowen, New York Times Bestselling Author

“An over-the-top, good-time cozy mystery. With a feisty heroine and with lots of humor, plenty of intrigue and suspense, and a little baby cooing, this novel is a delightful treat to read.” —Fresh Fiction

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