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Diana Orgain

Murder at the Clock Tower E-BOOK (Book 3 in the Gold Strike Mystery Series)

Murder at the Clock Tower E-BOOK (Book 3 in the Gold Strike Mystery Series)

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The first novel in the fun Golden Restoration Mystery Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Diana Orgain

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Welcome to Golden...where murder and scandal run as deep as the gold mines...

The rising price of gold has brought a whole new boom to the small town of Golden, California now in desperate need of renovation. The downtown has to be updated, the historic museum rebuilt and the beloved Golden Miner statue restored.

Hope Wilson is the perfect candidate for updating the dilapidated clock tower, and even though she’s a golden girl at heart, the town holds painful memories. Her husband was killed in a tragic kayaking accident and her grief was so strong she fled town. Now, after circumnavigating the globe, she may be ready to take on this new assignment...if it weren’t that her re-buffed bitter high school sweetheart, Dustin Lyons, is now in charge of funding the restorations.

That. And there’s a body in the clock tower.b

Can Hope manage to win Dustin over?

First, she’ll have to stop the crime spree in town, but she won’t get far without Dustin’s help.  Together they’ll have to save the renovation project and stop a cold-hearted killer.

Praise for Diana Orgain
"Fast-paced and fun..."
--Rhys Bowen, New York Times Bestselling Author

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