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Diana Orgain

I Wanda Put a Spell on You E-BOOK (Book 2 in the iWitch Mystery Series)

I Wanda Put a Spell on You E-BOOK (Book 2 in the iWitch Mystery Series)

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The second novel in the hilarious iWitch Mystery Series by USA Today Bestselling Author, Diana Orgain

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Maeve O’Dare’s fresh start in the small town of Wisteria Pines has gone to the dogs—one dog in particular that is. Wanda, the stray who adopted Maeve the first day she hit town, acts more human than canine and keeps distracting the former songwriter from her newly opened cafe, Listen: It’s Old Fashioned. After the mayor drops dead while eating at the cafe, and scandalous Hollywood tabloids suggest Maeve had something to do with her ex-boyfriend’s mysterious disappearance, Maeve finds herself at the top of the town’s suspect list.

Wanda, aka famous actor Chuck Lowry, needs Maeve to break the curse that changed him from sexy leading man to scruffy, female dog. But the novice witch needs Magick for Dummies to help her navigate her fledgling powers and Chuck fears for his alpha-dog status. Especially when Maeve’s nose for trouble leads her into some hocus pocus that threatens them both.

Determined to find out who’s behind all the trouble in the dog-eat-dog world of her not-so-perfect little town, Maeve ends up chasing her tail when Wanda is kidnapped. She’s lost her best friend, her business is threatened, and her reputation has gone up in smoke. Can a little magic save Wanda and keep Maeve out of jail? Or will she end up singing the small-town witchy blues?

"Heart warming and so much fun!"
-Chrystal C, iBooks Customer
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